+ How to take back control of your decisions

How many times per week does fear make your decisions for you? 

I'm letting you in on a secret, FEAR ARE NOT REAL! Will Smith (the Freshest Prince ever) said it best: 
"Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice."

Fear is stored in your root chakra and has been passed down to you from your ancestors who literally had to fear for their survival on the daily. Probably mostly because they didn't have cell phones. 

When it comes to daily decisions such as whether or not to pursue a big goal, trust the universe, or trust yourself, the fear bubbles up and we mistake it for danger.

Money fears are a huge example of this. If you want to take a big step that requires a financial commitment, your body will react with excitement (faster heart beat, raised temperature) and you can mistake it as danger rather than trusting the excitement of your desires. 

Look at that money fear and ask yourself how many times have you feared being totally broke and living in the streets and how many times that's actually happened. For most of us it never has. Fears are not real.

Here are the possible reactions we have to fear and how you let them fck with your head. 

You get paralyzed with decisions and let opportunities pass you by

Are you one of those people that can't even order a meal without getting stressed out with the decision process?

Chances are that your perfectionism is leading to overwhelm which leads to freezing the heck up until you miss out on a lot of good.

Successful people make fast decisions and you have it in you to do the same, so tap into it and trust your rad self.

Fight or flight kicks in

Does the un-known make you feel insecure to a point where you run away or start blaming other people or circumstances? As a self proclaimed  control freak, this hits home. I used to un-wrap all of my Christmas gifts when no one was home and then re-wrap them because I couldn't stand not knowing!  

If you've ever turned down an opportunity by coming up with all of the cons and focusing on the negative possibilities, that's another example of a fight response. 

You probably even start judging and pretending you don't even care even though a part of you is really excited about the possibilities. 

Fight or flight is a part of that root chakra fear that's been passed down to you. Get used to the physical cues that come up in these situations. 

What does it feel like inside when you start judging or putting down an opportunity or envying a successful person so much that you start judging them to feel better?

Not good. Be aware of this feeling and stop yourself in your tracks. 

You self-destruct because you convince yourself you don't deserve good stuff in your life

Self-sabotage is caused by those nagging, limiting beliefs we always talk about and they usually repeat themselves in destructive patterns. 

First get really aware of where you're repeating this BS and the best way to nip them in the bud is to create new, healthy patterns.

Start tracking your thoughts and your physical cues that come up when it's time to make a decision. Are you immediately getting negative or dismissing an idea? Are you mistaking your excitement or fear?

Rather than thinking about the bad things that could happen, think about the good things that could happen and take note of how you feel. 

You try to create logic rather than listening to your gut

You are more intuitive than you think girl! Pros and cons lists might even be doing you more harm than good because fear often convinces you to be biased and stacks up the cons section which can mess with your pretty little head!

The universe loves answering your questions you just have to turn down the Britney Spears playlist long enough to listen (or is that just me?).

Sit in a silent meditation and ask yourself a question. The longer you sit, the more clear the answer will be become. 

Tapping into the power in your 3rd eye chakra and the solar plexus through meditation is a great way to start trusting your intuition. 

I WANT TO HEAR HOW FEAR IS PLAYING A ROLE IN YOUR DECISIONS! comment below or email me at let me know so I can give you some tips specific to your needs! 

xo Amber-Lee

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