Because we all feel a little off sometimes

Happy 4th of July! I am sure there are some hangovers, pressures, and party anxieties and a lot of you dreading work tomorrow and I want to help you cope!

No matter how hard we try to keep it together, the summer has so much busyness, over stimulation, bikinis and sunny days that make us want to break free. 

I'm talking about the dreaded anxiety, depression, ADD, jealousy, insecurities, fears and whatever else you want to call the voices in your head that make you think you are less amazing than you are. 

Just because the sun is out and the pool parties are bumpin' this summer doesn't mean you are going to feel on top.

We can't shun these feelings. We have to walk with them and nurture them.

I have created a list of everything you need to keep your mindset on track this summer!

Do: Be proactive
Don't: Be reactive

I'm talking about a daily practice that makes you feel like gold every time you hop out of bed to start on your day.

Don't wait until the stresses are already there to try and fight them. If you have never done any "mindset work" it's time to start monitoring your thoughts and switching the crapy ones out with good ones on the daily. 

They don't call it a "practice" for nothin'.

Do: Give yourself time to feel the feels
Don't: Try to push them away or ignore them

Pushing creates friction which creates more friction, and burying your feelings doesn't work either. Set the timer for 5 minutes to lay in bed feeling like crap and then get back to being your vibrant self!

Do: Recognize and note what you are feeling
Don't: Wonder what the eff is wrong with you

Honour what you are feeling. It's often there to teach you a lesson or show you something you need to heal. Labeling it "anxiety" or "fear" makes you realize that this is sh*t that creeps up on everyone.

Asking for help never hurt anyone either and learning from outside yourself is often what sticks.

Do: Try and uncover the real reason behind your fears
Don't: Dwell on the past and blame yourself or others

Fears are usually masks of some kind of insecurity or limiting belief that is repeated in other areas of your life. Take a short moment to recognize this. When you can realize it's just a silly fear and NOT your reality, it's easier to let go of.

Take out a pen and paper if you have to and try to think back to other times you have felt this same level of crappiness. Is there a pattern you can work with?

Do: Evaluate what other factors could be involved (lack of sleep, PMS, insufficient nutrition)
Don't: Treat your body like a trash can

There is no way to argue that the state of your physical body will and does effect your mood. With all of the late nights, party food and drinks going on this time of year try to make choices that balance out your fun.

If you are going to be partying on Saturday, go to bed early on Friday and do something active on Saturday morning. Sunday, make sure your kitchen is stocked with healthy choices that also feel good for your hang-over.

Do: Create a checklist of things that make you feel good
Don't: Feel like it's hopeless

Sometimes it's hard to shake the funk but keep trying! Have a list in your notepad of your phone with the top ten things that make you feel good. 

Calling a friend, having some tea, journalling, yoga, meditating, going for a nice walk, getting out in the sun, having a bath, and using essential oils are all on my list. 

Do: Aim for less frequent slip ups by living your dream life
Don't: Expect overnight results or perfection

The #1 thing that helped me go from feeling like crap every few days, to feeling not great once in a while, was going towards my passion and purpose. 

If you are in a life that drains you and makes you feel like you are worth more, you are going to feel "off" a lot more often.

Identify what you love, set some goals, and do it!

Do: Listen to the whispers
Don't: Believe that your fears are logic

If you keep seeing messages and desires pop up about something you want to pursue, it's time to take action. Whether you want to start a blog, start a business, take a trip, or find a new job, it's important to listen to your desire.

The fears of not being ready, not having the money, not having the time, not being good enough, are JUST FEARS, NOT REALITY.

Taking action on your desires will take you to a whole new level of satisfaction and excitement in your life. 

Again, it's totally normal to have an off day but if you are not living a life you are passionate about you are going to be feeling a lot more tension and friction. 

You have to step out of your comfort zone and design a life you love. You have the ability to do that! 

xo Amber-Lee

PS: Are you ready to tell your fears they are wrong and your desires that you are ready for them? Click here to book your free 45 minute discovery call with me. There is no better time than now to start living a life you love.