And how to have less of them

It has never been easier or more satisfying to have a lifestyle, business and social media highlight reel that makes you look and feel like a total free-spirited girl-boss who's totally in charge of her own (fabulous) sh*t.

You set goal after goal and tick them off your list as you build your empire and feel like a total goddess…except for the days that you don't…

Somewhere along you way we started expecting EVERY day to run smoothly and for things to be easy-peasy so as soon as a little blip happens in the plan it's you think you are a haute mess that can't get her life together.

Being a bit of a self-proclaimed control freak (I've gotten leaps and bounds better at this) has been a really good way for me learn that good things happening when you finally let go of the reigns a little.

Maybe you are not exactly where you want to be in your business, career, relationship or life but there are 3 truths about the expectations you put on yourself and how you can manipulate them to make sure you are actually flowing towards the greatness you deserve rather than keeping yourself stuck…Here they are…

Friction creates friction

Some things  just cannot be controlled and you need to learn how to roll with it. You can't make people do shit or make the universe give you a flawless stage to reach your dream life.

Being a d*ck to yourself or others when things don't go 100% your way will actually make your situation worse. Having a pity party is no longer cute, and it's making you stay farther and farther away from your goals! 
Negative self talk lowers your vibration and increasing the chances of f*cking up.

Pro-tip: When you start to feel discouraged, acknowledge that something didn't go your way and see what you can learn from your challenge. See it as a great lesson that you are glad you are learning and can use later on in life!

Expect nothing to appreciate everything

Be a modern day, fashionable Buddha. Continue to set goals and have boundaries but focus less on the "how" and more on the "what", the "what" is your desired outcome and how you will feel when you get there. 

This all requires TRUST. You must trust that once you put a really clear picture of the "what" out there, the universe will deliver it to you in little surprise ways. How exciting! Who  doesn't LOVE surprises? 

Pro-tip: I have actually switched my visualization practice to only focus on the the dream life. I choose specific scenarios that I want to manifest and how I will feel when I'm there.

What will I do to celebrate? Where will I be? Who will I be with? What will I be wearing? This is SO MUCH more powerful than stressing about the # of clients I need to get every day and the dollar amount down to the penny that I need for every little thing. 

When you don't have gratitude you don't have anything

This is SUCH a truth. You have to let yourself enjoy where you are at rather than just dwelling on the negative and what you don't have. 

You will wake up every morning feeling like a trillion bucks if you can make this one mindset adjustment. 

Gratitude is a great way to level out your expectations and provide some sun-shiny vibes around your goals. I know this because I have seen it myself.

It sets your energy into a forward momentum so you can up-level every day. 

Pro: Tip: Journalling is a fantastic way to reflect on all of the fabulous things you already have going on so you can raise your vibration and start to manifest more greatness. 

Where in life you can you eliminate some frication, lower some overactive expectations and show some more gratitude?

xo Amber-Lee

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