It will come if you hang around

One thing you may not know about me is that I am impatient AF.

The real reason I get my nails
shellacked every two weeks is because I can't sit still long enough for regular polish to dry. I also prefer power yoga over yin because you don't have to hold the poses as long, take-out over cooking, driving over walking, and the road rage...oh the road rage...

The biggest lesson I have had to learn is to wait for the magic.

When you have insanely large goals like me, it's tough to wait for them to happen..in rolls mis-trust, fear and second guessing (and they are not cool visitors)

If I gave up before I got my first client or every time I had a slow week with my business, I would have missed out on so much!  

So many people give up on goals, moments, parties, playlists, naps and journeys right before they are about to get good! It's heartbreaking to see someone get so close and then walk away! 

Don't do that. Wait for the magic with these tips.

clear the noise

Mind chatter kills magic. It makes you check your Snap Chat instead of watching the sunset. It makes you run through your grocery list in your head while listening to your friend tell a funny story. It makes you compare your goals or success to someone else's and encourages you to give up.

When your mind drifts, bring it back to the present moment by tuning into your breath. What if your friend's story was pee-your-pants-funny and you missed the punch-line? Maybe that laugh would have brightened your day when you needed it. 

What if your business was just about it thrive and then you shut it down? Think about how much you could miss out on. 

Step away - Watched nail polish never dries

You have to master the balance between being totally obsessed and not giving a f*ck.

What that looks like for me is writing out my 3 month, 6 month and 1 year goals (okay let's face it, it's mostly a list of things I want to buy), reading them in the morning or at night, nearly every day, and then forgetting about it until the goal (or item) manifests. 

When you read your list act as if you already have accomplished those things. Feel it in your bones, toes, wallet, closet and hair. 

Getting too hung up on the HOW will make you crazy and drive away the magic. 

Just put it out there, set it and forget it. 

meditate on trust

You need to focus on trusting that magic will manifest and meditating with that objective in mind can also teach you patience itself!

However, this is kind of a catch 22. The #1 magic we step away from before it percolates is during meditation itself.

I have heard so many times "meditation doesn't work for me" or "I tried meditating for a while but it never stuck."

Well honey, I hate to break it to you, but you didn't do it long enough or consistent enough for the magic to happen because if you did, you would be cross legged humming "Om" with your lavender incense burning strong, this very instant, because you would love it so much. I know you would.

Challenge yourself in every meditation to take 5 more breaths than you want to (and do them slowly).

If you wait long enough for the magic and it will happen! 

So what magic are you waiting for?

Where are you starting to lose trust and focus too much on the "how"?


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