A true story of manifestation...

I've mentioned before that I was able to say goodbye to my 9-5 job after only 2 short months of launching my coaching business because of all the meditation, chakra balancing and hard a** work I was putting into my business.

The story leading up to that point is a manifestation miracle that I have to share. 

The universe sure as heck wanted this for me for sure!

Here are the steps I took to get aligned with my purpose

Step 1: Choose yourself + work your butt off

If you know that the universe has bigger plans for you, choose to start listening to your desires. If your day-dreams don't include neon lights and polyester-pencil-skirts, think bigger than that.

Choose your desires over your situation and make steps every day to get them. This usually take a lot of mindset work and opening your eyes up to possibilities outside of your excuses.

For me, this step was hiring a coach and committing to daily chakra balancing. I knew I had to do something big to push past my limiting beliefs of what I was and wasn't capable of. 

I had A LOT of chakra balancing to do and made it a huge priority with intentional daily practice! Want to learn more about that? Listen to the my replay of my tele-class.

Step 2: Gratitude + Visualizations

It's super important to honour that you are just in the beginning stages and enjoy the process rather than getting caught up in envy and impatience. 

Once I started building my business, I wanted to quit my job yesterday. It distracted me from working on my business, it put me into a negative head space, and it was not in line with my desires. 

I complained about it so much that I was even bored listening to it. 

My coach introduced a foreign concept to me, being grateful for my job. I resisted that for a long time because I didn't want the universe to actually think I liked it. What if they kept me there forever?!  

I decided to give it a shot and every morning I wrote down 3 ways I was grateful for my job. For example:
- I am grateful I have a steady pay check while I build my dreams
- I am grateful that the universe is showing me that I am not meant for a 9-5
- I am grateful to work for a young entrepreneur that is showing me what's possible for me and things I should and should not do in my business. 

Every morning I wrote these out and then spent time visualizing what my dream life looked like in 3 months, 6 months and in 1 year.

Within a few weeks of this practice, the CEO of the company (who I am still great friends with today) took me for lunch to tell me he decided to move the company to the US and that I could either come with them or I could stay and work from home...

I manifested this! I now got to work from home, spend more time on my business, and get a pay-check!

I launched my jewelry business around the same time, and then re-hired my coach to learn the ropes of how to add coaching services to my empire. 

Step 3: Be authentic

I may have mentioned/complained about this before, but my direct boss was so negative and used to call me to bad mouth people. I would literally turn into a pretend mean-girl and give him the "Oh my gawd really?! She did that?!" or the "I know right...she is soooo annoying."

I fully was in on the office gossip even though I liked everyone! I just wanted to be in my boss' good books!

I decided that was not good for my soul. 

I started telling my boss I had to go, or saying something nice about the person he was trash-talking to me. 

Just because the environment was nasty did not mean I had to part-take in it. 

Step 4: Consistency + Chakra-love

I knew I had to work hard on my business but I also had to work hard at my job-job to show the universe I take things seriously (and to make sure I still had money coming in) AND I had to continue to work on myself.

I kept up with the gratitude, I removed myself from the trash talk, I worked on my business and visualized my dream life every day as a part of my chakra practice EVERY GD DAY!

I launched my coaching business and got a few clients right away. 

I didn't want to get ahead of myself by quitting in week 1, (although I sooo wanted to) but luckily the universe had a plan for me!

I got a call from my boss telling me that they are no longer going to be running business in Canada but I could stay on for another month and a half and then get a really good severance. 

This was even better than quitting!!!

I made an 8 week marketing plan for my business and got more clients than I set out for. 

I was able to cash my severance check into my savings account and there it still sits. I paid off my debt with my coaching income, and actually have a pretty hefty savings account which I honestly never imagined. 

I now sell double my monthly salary each month and am living my purpose, to help women learn gratitude and how to manifest whatever the eff they want. 

I am sharing this story with you to show you the power on chakra-balancing, coaching, commitment and consistency. 

Your journey obviously won't unfold the exact same way mine did, but so much is possible and often the universe has things in store for you that are in line with your desires, you just have to be your true self and listen to the whispers. 

xo Amber-Lee

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