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Have you ever worked on balancing your chakra energy? Would you even know where to start?

This hocus-pocus has pretty much changed my life so I want to shout it off the roof tops or even better, I am holding a FREE LIVE TRAINING to teach you exactly how to balance your chakras for success. It's your last full day to sign up, so click here now for more info.

We are totally in a time where the new-age is ruling. Yoga is the new black, float tanks are popping up everywhere and every "it girl" and fashion blogger seems to be rocking some kind of gemstone or crystal. 

There's no doubt that we are all looking for ways to calm the noise and connect to ourselves on a deeper level. All the cool kids are doing it.  

Chakra balancing is seriously a cure-all. Your chakra energy controls all of the positive AND negative emotions in your mind, body and soul so let's send them it some love...

Target your fears/insecurities/doubts

Chakras are so dope because if you are feeling "off" you can totally detect the physical location of where the stress/fear or just plain old bad-juju is coming from. 

For example, if I am having trouble sleeping the first thing I do is check in with the anxiety that lives in my throat chakra. I check to see if I am clenching my teeth and also check in with the thoughts in my head to see how fast they are scooting around. 

If it is indeed the problem, I know that I need to send my throat some love and can use a crystal, or just drink some water and imaging the blocked energy clearing out. Immediately I feel calmer and ready to count some Zees (or Zeds for my Canadian peeps). 

I can then try and figure out where the stress is stemming from and work it out with some specific mantras, journalling and meditation targeted specifically towards that issue rather than just sitting in silence hoping it will go away. You can kick it directly in the bum. 

Create healthy habits

Chakra balancing helps you create healthy habits because it teaches you the physical, emotional and soul-based cues so you can "check in" with your energy to see how it's flowing. 

The act of "checking in" slows the mind and allows us to be in the present moment which is something we all need a bit more of in this day of snap chatting and Insta scrolling. 

It also encourages meditation and physical activity that supports your dear chakras. Hip openers are A-MAZ-ING if you need to let go of past experience that are stored up in your sacral chakra.

Connect to and attract your purpose

Now, once you have mastered the art of checking in and getting familiar with your physical cues, you start manifesting your desires and what you are meant for.

I know it sounds a bit too easy, but this is stuff that you work on every day so that can't be discounted! I checked in with myself every day and noticed that my 9-5 job was not serving me.

I took a huge leap by hiring a coach and launching a business. In my business I have created instant success because I continue to check in with my energy every single day to see what feels good and what doesn't.

I want to teach you more about how you can implement this work into your every day life!!


I will be teaching you how every chakra relates to success in your life and how you can check in every day and target what's going on. There will be live Q&A and even a champagne toast to your accomplishments!