And that means doing it every day

This is not rocket science or ground breaking stuff, but it will change your freakin' life.

Having a morning practice is one of the biggest game changers that pushed me into instant success with my business and to a zen state of mind, and it's exactly what I preach to all of my clients because I know first hand that this sh*t works.

The most successful people in the world are preaching it too (it's not just my chakra hocus-pocus!) because checking in with your mind and body every morning sets the tone for your day and pretty much your whole life.

So why do so many people resist if it's the key to success, happiness, and even a hot bod?

I see time and time again with my clients that once they get the practice down the magic happens. How can we ensure follow through?

Step 1: Figure out why you are resisting

Take note of what you are you telling yourself, and be mindful that it's probably just a fear masked as an excuse.

The most common things that I hear are "I don't have enough time in the morning," "I can't focus in the morning," or "My husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/dog/hamster is always around so I have no privacy."

All of these excuses can be worked around so what is the fear behind them? Most excuses actually indicate a fear of failing.

You don't want to put in the effort to wake up earlier or change your routine because you don't think you are going to do it right aways. But you are. It just takes time. 

Step 2: Mindset work

Mindset work is another game change that helped me and helps my clients get through fear of failure, money fears, insecurities, and time anxiety.

Once you figure out your fear around resisting the morning practice, it's time to prove it wrong. I
encourage you to take out a pen an paper and write out all of the times you have not failed. 

Think back to when you were in a not so great place in life and how you got out of it. You are probably in a much better space today than you were five years ago. Celebrate that! Drink some bubbly and pat yourself on the back!

Step 3: Set a daily practice that works for you

A morning practice is not one size fits all BUT it should include so mental, spiritual and physical aspects. 

Meditation, journalling and some kind of stretching or workout are amazing. You can also seal your practice with a nourishing breakfast, food makes everything better, after all. 

If there is a specific enhancement or goal you are working towards, add that vibe to your journalling and meditation so you focus on it every day. 

Step 4: Do it

This sounds like the easiest step but some people think it's the hardest. Do whatever you have to do to pull though yourself whether you need to wake up 10 mins earlier, set a daily reminder, or keep your journal and workout gear right on your nightstand so they're the first things you see in the morning.

Step 5: Revaluate and show gratitude

After 2 weeks, it's time to start over at step 1 to see if there is anything you are resisting or that isn't working so you can switch it around. 

More importantly, take note of what IS working. Two weeks in you should see some amazing benefits. The act of showing yourself gratitude will keep you motivated and inspire you to make your practice even longer every day! 

A morning practice is dynamic and iterative and should change according to what you need most at the current time. 

Stay on it and it will serioulsy change your life! You've got this!

PS: If you are ready to REALLY change your life and are hitting some resistance, book a Discovery Call with me