How to re-write the past for a better future

Take a moment and think about the stories that you tell yourself, about yourself. Self-gossip is the worst kind!

Okay, maybe all gossip is bad...unless it's about the Kardashians, because that's just good fun. 

Are any of these familiar?:

"I will never lose these ten pounds," "I am going to be single forever," "I'm a procrastinator," "I'm terrible with technology," "Bad things always happen when I take big risks," "I'm not creative," "My business is doing okay I guess."

These "stories" are reality because we create them. Your thoughts ABSOLUTELY create your reality and if you don't believe that then take a really deep look at what you repeat to yourself and check again!

Let's put this to the test. If your negative stories create a negative reality, how can you create a positive reality?

Record your thoughts- The good the bad and ugs

An amazing practice is to write out your negative thoughts as you catch yourself in the act. 

What insecurity triggered the thought? How can you prove that insecurity to be wrong? 

Try writing down the insecurity and 3 reasons why it's not valid. The next time you get "triggered," think about those three positive things instead. 

Let's look at a basic example of a sh*tty thought you might have about yourself..."I am negative."

What was the thought that triggered that response? "My friend told me about their new boyfriend and I immediately expected the worst." 

Dig deeper, "Men are jerks, every relationship I have been in has failed."

When you boil that down even deeper, it could be an insecurity about not being good enough, or an overarching fear of failing.

Here are three things you could write down to prove it wrong:

  • Not all relationships end
  • There is hope for me and my friends to find love that lasts
  • I am really positive towards my friend's stories (include examples)

Get clear on who you want to be

If your negative thoughts are changing your perception of YOU, decide what positive thoughts you want to replace them with. 

Do you want to be the cheerleader that your friends come to for support? Do you want to be the woman that doesn't take on other people's negativity? Do you want to be the woman that loves herself no matter what? Heck yes.

Get super clear on what it looks like and feels like and take a couple of steps each day to be more like that "you". 

Re-write your story

Declare to yourself that you are "that woman".

Write out an "I am" statement. Here is an example: "I am a fiercely positive woman with tons of friends that I cherish and support. My confidence and strength allows me to up-lift others." 

You can also write down some examples of why this is already true and continue to add to it. Re-read your statement over and over every morning and every night. 


xo Amber-Lee

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