And how to show yourself integrity

I officially finished my 14 day yoga challenge (ironically on the same day that I am started my 7 day meditation challenge).

I almost didn't finish the final day. Let's just say it was my lovely friend's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEG IF YOU ARE READING THIS!), I had a few glasses of wine, and I wanted to stay in the sun. 

Also, I realized about 30 minutes before I had to leave that all of my yoga clothes were soaking wet in the washing machine because I forgot to switch the laundry.

I seriously debated not going. When I dug a little deeper I realized I am actually a lot more complicated than wet clothes and a thirst for sun and wine...

For a split second, my mindset that I have worked on oh so hard on, had reverted to an old thinking of "I don't deserve it." My subconscious tried to trick me into thinking I wasn't the type of gal that chooses her commitments over fun.  

Luckily I am at a point where I know better than that so I had to prove that BS wrong.

Do you find yourself in situations where you think you don't deserve your goals, or that they are not for you?

Here are some tips on knocking some sense into yourself!

You fully f*cking deserve it

Two of the core universal, subconscious limiting beliefs are "If I try I'll fail," and "I am flawed/not good enough."  

When you are close to a finish line, they can kick in to try and convince you that it doesn't matter if you finish or not. 

You can have a fleeting thought of "this isn't for me, I don't really care.." like I did. Acknowledge these silly thoughts and come up with a declaration to state that you are doing this! No I am not a Lulu Lemon clan vegan that has a year-round-summer-bod, but that does not mean I can't be ME and finish a challenge. 

You are here to inspire

You may not know this but people are WAITING to be inspired by you.

You may think that no one cares if you don't reach your goals, and to an extent they may not care too much about YOUR outcome, but people want to see what is possible for them.

That's why we LOVE shows like American Idol. Even though I know I will never be the next idol (anyone that has heard me sing will tell you why), I love thinking that there is A POSSIBILITY that if I wanted it, I could work my ass off and make it happen.

The day I had to finish my yoga challenge was the day of the half marathon in Vancouver. I went to the finish line to watch my cousin cross and also spent time that day with another friend that finished the race. 

I was so inspired by them. I NEVER want to run a half marathon, but I know that if I wanted to, I could. I am so happy they inspired me.

More people want you to succeed than you think! People are waiting for you to show them what's possible for them!

You owe it to yourself

When you want to give up, think of how hard you have worked and how far you have come. 


When you read that do you believe it? You should. 

Write down the ways that you have grown, improved and worked really hard. These are not things that should be ignored. Celebrate them! This will increase your sense of self worth so YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE IT (because you so do). 

xo Amber-Lee

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