+ The tattoo I haven't told you about

When you think of your journey to "happiness" or "success," what does it look like once you get there?

Sorry, that was actually a trick question...

Success and happiness aren't a boarder crossing to the country of perfection (for me, if such a place existed, the flag would be Louis Vuitton Monogram print and the national anthem would be something by Britney Spears). As humans/women/people-with-big-dreams-and-credit-cards, the second we reach our dreams, we want even MORE out of life. 

Although it may sound depressing that happiness and success are not destinations, it is actually a good thing because that means your success and happiness have no limits. There is always room for more, and you deserve a boat-load!

In "The Big Leap," Gay Hendricks describes it as an upwards spiral. You just get higher and higher rather than going straight to a finish line and sitting there wondering wtf is next.

Here are some tips for your journey!

Don't forget how far you have already come

Remember when you were 15 and thought getting your driver's license was going to make you the happiest girl on Earth, or when you go that promotion that you wanted so bad and could finally afford to shop at the stores your friends shopped at?

Also, remember all of the loser guys you have broken up with (dodged those bullets) and all of the lessons you have learned. 

Now you are ready for more, how exciting!

Realize that you have been able to re-invent yourself when you need to and that's a skill you will carry with you forever. 

Embrace and honour your adventure

Happiness and success don't come overnight. They take planning, commitment, self love, and a hell of a lot of falling on your a**.

The sooner you can accept and adapt to failure, the sooner you will succeed. In the wise words of the beautiful Aaliyah, "If at first you don'y success, brush yourself off and try again."

As much as you honour your failures, remember to celebrate your wins, like all the time (Are you in my Facebook Group, because we do a lot of that here to join)

The tattoo I haven't told you about...

I have the word "Control" tattooed on my rib cage. Most people think it's because I am admittedly a bit of a control freak, BUT it actually has a deeper meaning than that. 

It is actually a reminder to release control, or to have control over releasing control. You are on the crazy-a** journey and you need to ride this bee like a roller coaster!

Here are all of the meanings...  

Meaning 1: Release control to find grace (have control over releasing your control)
Meaning 2: TRUST that if you let go of the reigns a bit you will still be guided on the right path
Meaning 3: Forgive yourself when you lose control of an outcome
Meaning 4: "Control" is the best Janet Jackson album to date

Always have new goals

Don't be a one-hit-wonder (Does anyone remember Eden's Crush? Me in point). Have a short-list of your goals written out at all times, and as soon as you check them off, write new ones. Keep pushing yourself to higher heights and know that you deserve it!

Be mindful if you start telling yourself that you can't get any happier because you can only go down from there. Your mantra should be "Every day I deserve more and more happiness."

What are your big goals?

Where can you release control, honour your journey, and celebrate how far you have already come?

I would seriously love to hear from you so email me at and tell me everything!

xo Amber-Lee

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