When you have no idea what the eff it is

How shi*tty do you feel when everyone (including me) is telling you how great it is to "live your passion" and "connect to your purpose" but you have no idea what the eff it is?

What you probably DO know is that you are not living it. Your job makes you cringe, you get major FOMO when other people are making money off of their hobby, and you wish you had a "special talent." 

I promise you that you have a purpose in this crazy world and the answer is out there for you. You just have to be open to it. 

Here are the must-dos in order to re-connect to your truth and find "that thang" that lights you up!

I encourage you to write these tough questions down and answer them no matter how much they make you cringe!

Take an inventory of how often you are connecting to yourself

Do you meditate?
Do you practice yoga?
Do you journal?
Do you take time-outs during the day to assess how you're feeling? 
Do you make time to get creative?
Do you make time to exercise?

If you answered no to nearly all of these, you've gotta get to work girl. Would you neglect to connect with your friends or family if they needed guidance? Doubtful. So makes sure you do it for yourself! 

Define yourself

What would you say are your best traits?
What would your friends say are your best traits?
Who do you look up to and why?

What lessons have you learned on this bumpy journey that you can you teach others?
What lessons are you still learning?

Often, the best service we can provide is the learnings that we need the most. As long as you are a few steps ahead in your self-learning, you have a lot to teach to a sh*t-ton of people.

Get honest about your fears

What are your limiting beliefs and what are they telling you?
Do you think you are good enough?
Do you think you are bound to fail?
Are you afraid of leaving your true self or others behind by becoming successful?
What negative stories are you telling yourself?
What do you want to do that you are afraid to admit to yourself?

You probably have a dream that you left behind somewhere along the way. I wanted to be an acrobat when I was a kid, but that's neither here nor there and probably not relevant to this post at all, just thought you would like to know. 

Back to that "dream."

Maybe you think you are not good enough, maybe you think you aren't ready, maybe you think you aren't an expert. Guess what? Those are fears talking, not logic. 

I am hear to tell you that your fears are BS. SAY IT WITH ME NOW!! MY FEARS ARE TOTAL BS!

Underneath those fears is the answer you are looking for. I encourage you to dig deep and find it. 

xo Amber-Lee

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