how to make it and keep it

My darling!

I talk a lot (like a a lot, A LOT) about Money Mindset and how it is pretty much the #1 factor in reaching our biggest juiciest dreams.

Money fears are the #1 thing that holds you back. All of this stress and anxiety lives in your root chakra. You carry that sh*t around everywhere you go and it factors into your decisions and your lifestyle.

Let's get really clear on what money mindset is and how to fix it so we can start bring in that cash.

money mindset 101

Your Money Mindset will determine how you spend it, save it and most importantly, how you think about it.

Think about when you were a little one and heard your parents talk about money. What was the mood in the house? Was it a stressful topic? Did you hear things like:

We can't afford it...
We don't have enough money for that...
Credit cards are bad news...
Money doesn't grow on trees (my Grandma's favorite)...
Don't spend your Birthday money on that Spice Girl's CD, you have to start saving (I bought the CD anyways, GIRL POWER)...

All of those poisonous one-liners have been forming your Money Mindset and by the time you are only 8 years old, the mindset has pretty much stuck!

Seriously, while you were still playing with Barbie (or if you were the little sister and forced to play with Skipper) you were soaking all of this negativity up! 

Do you catch yourself sounding like your mom a lot when it comes to money? That my friend, is the negative side of Money Mindset.

Our parents are a generation of hard frickin workers, and their parents grew up in the depression, WE LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD where pretty much everything is possible (thank you interweb).

How to shake it off like T-Swift

Your Money Mindset needs to be re-wired. That means tossing out your old beliefs about money and replacing them with new ones. Here's how:

Get clear: What is your Money Story and what are your beliefs about money? Do you believe that there is never enough money for your desires, that money comes and goes really quickly, or even that rich people are a** holes and you don't want to be like them? 

Detox: Get all of your feelings out! Write down the negative money memories that you have and read them over and over until they don't make you cringe anymore. This is super cathartic! 

Re-write: You can make your own story! That's the beauty of this world we live in! Do you want to believe "I have more than enough money for all of my desires!"? Make that your new mantra. Write it down, repeat it daily until it is imprinted in your subconscious!

The hardest part is believing you are worth it! This is something I struggled with for years. 

I had a sh*tty salary, I didn't set financial goals and I just accepted the fact that I would never have enough money to be fabulous. 

I let my lack of money be my excuse for not being successful, not having opportunities and not having the things I desired. 

If you feel this way, I encourage you to take a stand with yourself and declare your worth!

Once I re-wrote my money story I took chances and push myself towards opportunities that I never would have before and they all led to success.

You are worth every penny of your biggest dreams. I saw the most amazing quote ever that said "I will not be the girl that lets money be the excuse for not reaching her dreams."

To get to where you want to go, sometimes you have to sacrifice and just believe and trust that money will come back to you because you deserve it. 

Make that your Money Story!

If you are holding yourself back because of a bad Money Mindset, please do yourself a favour and commit your energy to re-wiring and stepping into your power. 

The practices I have outlined are just the tip of the iceberg but I am telling you that it is so possible for you to change your thoughts and fears. I know this because I have done it and my clients have done it and I have seen all of the major rewards that come!

If you need support, please email me!

xo Amber-Lee

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