Why "fitting in" isn't cool anymore

Hey beautiful! 

So, you do yoga, but you aren't a yogi...

You sip cocktails on Saturdays at the cities new hotspot, but you aren't a party girl...

You have your own business but you aren't a stuffy, corporate type in a power-suit...

You meditate but you are far from Gandhi...


You are the most perfect blend of "you" that exists. In fact, you are the ONLY you that exists, and the word needs that! 

Whether you are on your journey to find yourself, or you are creating a brand and putting it out into the world, you need to be true to you!

Here are some tips to embrace who you are and let it shine through for everyone to see!

Here are the four main fears that we run into related to our authenticity and some tips on how to work with your fears rather than against them:

1) I don't know who I am, I don't "fit in" a certain category

Whether you are building your own business or just becoming clear on who you are, it is important to nail down your values and your mission.

Writing them down is a GREAT way to connect to your unwavering truths.

You can create your own category and I guarantee you there are women out there waiting for you to do it so that THEY can fit in.

Note: Do not be too rigid. If I said "My mission is to be perfectly balanced, never judge, and always be connected to my best self," that would be way too easy to mess up...we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for truth!

2) I don't want to lose "who I am" 

This is a classic upper limit problem. If you are setting out on some self improvement or you are starting a new venture, you may fear that the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you are to change who you are or how you are being seen.

This can also introduce the fear of outshining the people in your life and no longer being able to relate to them.

Having your written values and mission will tame this fear, but another practice that I have my clients do is adding some steps to their morning journalling. 

If you fear losing yourself - every morning, write down three things you will do that are authentic to the person you are inside, and three ways you are going to move yourself towards your dreams while keeping that authenticity. 

If you fear losing a connection to someone in your life or outshining them, write down 1-3 ways you will honour them that day. It could be a simple text message or maybe a way you can inspire them to start out on their journey. 

3) I don't want anyone to see my imperfections

Embracing your flaws is the best way to connect with people and inspire them.

An amazingly flamboyant yoga teacher of mine says "you are the permission slip for others to be themselves." 

When people see you being yourself in an unapologetic way you inspire them to be true to their inner-weirdo! How beautiful is that?!

Step 1: Write down a list of your quirks

i.e.) I hate doing the dishes and let them pile up even though the rest of my home is spotless, most days I just toss my hair in a messy bun without washing or brushing it, I have a temper and I know how to use it (sometimes), I am obsessed with celeb gossip and The Bachelor...  

Step 2: Remove the "guilty" out of these things. 

Know that everyone has flaws and to an extent you need to accept yourself. If you feel you need to make some improvements, how can you do that while still honouring yourself? Write down how you will improve by 10% and then commit to accepting yourself. 

i.e.) I am going to do my hair 3x/week because it makes me feel more "on it", but I still love myself either way and I can be a stone-cold-fox with dirty hair. I am going to meditate for 3 extra minutes while focussing on patience so I am less of a road-rager, but I love that I am assertive.  

4) I am not good enough

In this day and age of Instagram and Kardashians, it is easy to feel like we are never good enough.

Do not let this hold you back from your dreams or accepting yourself! You don't need to go back to school, you don't need to lose those 10 lbs first, you don't need to wait until you have more money or experience...

Your dreams and your dream self are ready for you NOW, JUST AS YOU ARE. 

Who you are now can inspire others that connect with your story, your perfection and your imperfection!

xo Amber-Lee

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