Hey beautiful! 

At one point or another we all have a strong desire to change something big in our lives. We usually know what steps we need to take to get what we want but for some reason we can't pass "GO".

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than the power of JUST EFFIN' STARTING and I want to share that message with YOU because you deserve whatever it is that you are putting off right now. 

I bet you are putting it off for one (or all) of these reasons:

...the son of a B that comes at the worst possible time, when we have sh*t to do. It's this negative force that makes you want to stay in bed scrolling through insta while simultaneously running through 6386 thoughts about your "to do list."

...the popular-mean-girl in high school that everyone looks up to for being, well, perfect. However, the reality is that she's just a big ball of insecurity that covers herself up with cherry-red lip gloss and tells you that you aren't good enough.

She's not your friend and you need to ditch her ASAP if you want to move forward. 

Limiting subconscious beliefs
These are hard at times to detect because they're buried underneath excuses that almost sound believable. 

"I can't go after my dreams because I don't have the money," could really mean "I know if I try I'm going to fail and end up penniless on the streets." 

"I'll go back to school so I can get more experience before I take the leap towards what I want to do," is likely "I'm not smart enough yet, good enough yet...I'm flawed."

Do you see where I am going with this? Dig deep into your excuses and see what the FEAR is. You can talk yourself down from it easier than you think.


Get organized

Since the first step is the hardest, make it easy by committing to just write out 5 bullet points! Once those are down, you have a base to build upon.

Use the 2-minute rule! Carve out the time every day to spend 2-5 minutes on adding a few more bullet points. Once you start you will unblock yourself and the ideas with energy can start to flow!

Make a list of non-negotiables
Goals are one thing, but making a list of things you absolutely REFUSE TO FAIL is another, plus it is usually a shorter list that is less scary. 

Some good examples are: I'll work out 3x/week, I'll have my website up by this date, Wednesdays are designated for working on my dreams so I'll say 'no' to going out and drinking 7 cocktails on Tuesday (1 or 2 never hurt). 

Remember, if you happen to slip on a non-negotiable, be kind to yourself. The more of an a** hole you are to yourself the more likely you are going to slip (see the notes on that b*tch, perfectionism again).

Manifestation - whether you believe it or not
Whether you believe in manifestation or not, the idea that thoughts create your reality is proven. 

Develop a daily practice to exercise your thoughts like you would your abs or buns!

Meditation, chakra work and visualizations are THE BEST ways to get energy flowing towards your dreams (if you have any questions about these things, seriously email me, I am obsessed)!

Try this: Every morning, dedicate 10 minutes to writing down what you want and feeling as if you already have it. Visualize what your life looks like when you have everything you want. 

Start small, imaging yourself on any given day. What are you wearing (Celine bag?),what are you doing (Working on your new biz from your lap-top on the beach?), what part of the world are you in (On the beach in Monaco?) and how do you feel inside? Now start your meditation and keep that "inside" feeling alive while you sit in silence. 

Get help from an expert
Doing it fully alone is daunting because there's a lot of learn-as-you-go happening when you start a biz, or take a leap towards your dreams. That fear holds you back from knowing your full potential.

Working with a coach, a personal trainer or an instructor can push you to limits you didn't know you had inside of you.

I heard the most amazing quote in the movie Kung Fu Panda 3 (lol, I know...I took my "Little Sister" to see it last night).

"If you only do what you CAN do, you'll never be better than what you are".

You have to branch out and try things that you don't know how to do! That requires learning from OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF. So get the help you need to eliminate fears, increase accountability and gain a heck of a lot of know-how. 

If I can tell you one thing to do today, it is to JUST START. I promise you it's the hardest part.


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