Hey beautiful! 

Let's chat about self-sabotage. This little mofo comes in all shapes and forms and basically tries to keep you at a steady level of mediocracy by kicking you down when you FINALLY start to reach a new level of awesome.

If you are at a point in your life where you are "up-leveling ", pay close attention!

Self-sabotage is our inner critic that we have accumulated over the years of thinking or hearing that we are not good enough or we will never reach our dreams.

Maybe our parents made us believe we were lazy, or maybe we heard our parents talk about how they are doing their best and that things were never going to get better?

Those things stuck with us and rear their nasty heads when we are actually happy and not expecting it. 

You may have also heard them be referred to as "upper limit problems" or "limiting self conscious beliefs". 

Examples of self-sabotage include: Insecurities, negative self talk, starting fights or drama, quitting, over-eating or over-drinking, over-spending, dwelling and procrastinating, to name a few.

Let's not give them too much attention and instead focus on how to STOP THEM!  

Step 1: Identify that you are up-leveling and be prepared

The only way to prevent self sabotage is to be wildly in tune with yourself.Meditation, journaling and daily check-ins with yourself are the best way...

That being said, we need to accept that self-sabotage/fear/insecurities could still enter and you need to be ready for them! 

Step 2: Identify your behavior, without dwelling

If you start to self-sabotage, identify it for what it is. Making yourself feel like crap about it will only make it worse. 

Know that it is not your fault and that it happens to everyone AND be proud because you are obviously doing something positive in your life right now otherwise sabotage wouldn't be kicking in!

Step 3: Talk about it in past tense

If you are saying things like "I always over-eat when I am stressed" or "I am the worst procrastinator", you are making it so. 

Change it to past tense, even if it is was just yesterday. "I was over-eating yesterday because I was feeling stressed about how successful I am", or "I used to procrastinate a lot to avoid becoming more successful".

Step 4: Honour yourself

Every morning, write out 5 things you are proud of. They can be anything at all. Then at night, write down 3-5 things that you accomplished that day. 

Remember to keep your morning and evening practice going ESPECIALLY when you are feeling down. Take that 15-20 minutes to check in with yourself!

Girl, if you can get a hold of this and realize that you are meant for the amazing things you are doing right now, you can do anything!

HOW ARE YOU UP-LEVELING RIGHT NOW?! Drop me an email and I will give you some tips!!!