I'm wishing you a satisfying Christmas full of love, family, pretty things and egg-nog cocktails but let's face it, you're bound to at some point be stressed out. You have high expectation and massive to-do list and want everything to be perfect. I hear ya sister.

I want you to visualize your IDEAL Christmas, New Year's Eve and everything in between. What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to feel? What do you want in your stocking? Who do you want to kiss underneath the mistletoe? What do you want 2017 to look like?

I'm all about manifesting miracle these days so my gift you is telling you exactly how to manifest everything you GD want over the next few weeks! You ready?

Release the reigns

Unless you're Santa on his sleigh, you shouldn't be holding onto reigns of any kind to direct yourself all over the map. If you're trying to FORCE an outcome, you'll end up being too exhausted to enjoy your ginger-bread. 

Manifesting isn't about manipulating the outcome, it's about TRUSTING and listening to your gut and your desires.

Write down 3 things where you can surrender control and you'll immediately feel your shoulders drop (which makes your neck look longer and face more symmetrical, so get ready to be even prettier!)

Is there someone who can help you with your to-do list or your naughty list? Is there an outcome you're trying to force where you need to show more trust in yourself?

If you don't surrender you're totally cock-blocking the amazing plan the Universe already has set out for you. 

I was trying to force a trip to the Maldives for my birthday in January to a point where I was stressing out about making it happen. I finally surrendered it to the Universe and a few days later my family invited me on a trip to Mexico. Maldives will always be there but this might be the last opportunity for me to take a trip with my grandparents and when I look back this will be an amazing memory with them that I would have missed out on if I forced my way to Maldives. 

Become besties with the Universe

God, Buddha, The Divine, whatever you call it...speak to it every day. If you create that relationship with the energy that guides you, you're totally opening yourself up to miracles. 

You're creating trust, someone/something to support you on your path, and it's just fun to think that you can actually communicate with a higher power! And you totally can! 

Journalling is a fab way to communicate. You can write things like "Oh haaaay Universe, Thank you so much for guiding me towards my desires and the best, miracle-filled holiday season ever! I'm so grateful for everything that's landed for me!"

You can thank the Universe for this very blog post showing up in your inbox :)

You can also communicate during meditation. Let your mind flow and see what comes up when you start directing intention and thoughts towards connecting deeper with the Universe.

I often come up with my best ideals or solutions in meditation! 

The answers are inside of you but you have to believe! Just like how Santa won't visit your home unless you believe, the Universe works the same way! 

Learn to expect miracles

If you look for them they will come! You also have to recognize the small miracles and be grateful for them (The Universe just loves that and will reward you!). So rather than waking up to snow and thinking about how you're going to ruin your new boots, think about how beautiful it is to have a white Christmas just like in the movies.  

This requires tapping in your heart chakra, your compassion and straight-up love! If you remove things like fear, regret, drama, resentment, you're literally clearing the gunk off your heart and letting it shine like tinsel.

You can't manifest unless you show mad-love for everything and everyone around you (INCLUDING YOURSELF!). 

Every night write down 5 things you're grateful for that happened that day, or 5 miracles you experienced. This is also a fun practice to do with your partner to connect on deeper level during the chaotic holiday season!

Embrace the new energy of 2017 and say farewell to 2016

Maybe 2016 didn't bring you the glitz and glam you desired but it's time to put that in the past rather than carrying around any disappointment in yourself. 

What are some big moves you can make in 2017 to make sure this year is different?

There are so many opportunities available to you and a fresh energy of renewal! Can you feel it all around you!? Take advantage of it! Look at 2017 with a clear slate. 

Don't sell your dreams short or make small commitments based on an unsuccessful year of the past (2016 is so passé).

Commit to making 2017 your biggest year

You can't manifest without taking action. Lead from your heart, treat yourself with the love you deserve, and take the leaps that will get you you success, abundance and centeredness your pretty little face deserves.

Feel the excitement that pulses through your body when you picture your ultimate life in 2017. Don't discredit that, don't ignore it, MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

Sometimes that means taking risks. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone because if you don't, nothing will change. I know this because I stayed in mine for 3 years waiting for my business to "happen for me" but I needed to actually TAKE ACTION TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

I scrounged up all the money I could for a downpayment on a coaching package and within the first 2 months I had a business. 

That was just over a year ago and I can't believe all the things I have manifested since (I got engaged to the love of my life and we're getting married in Italy, I'm hosting a fab retreat in Bali with my business bestie/click here to learn more, I've met and worked with the most amazing women ever than I never would have known if I didn't make this move). 

This year, I've made an even HUGER commitment to making 2017 the best year ever by working with another coach and a bunch of other really inspiring women. The financial investment scared me for sure (think multiple 5 figures..), but with TRUST, guidance, renewal and ACTION, I am COMMITTING to make 2017 the year I push the glass ceiling and make huge things happen.

I MADE THIS DECISION, I allowed myself to experience excitement rather than fear.  

I'm leading from my heart and showing myself the compassion and trust I deserve to make this all happen. 


What action will you take this year to make all of your dreams come true?! You deserve this!



PS: If hiring a coach and finally getting your business off the ground is on your heart, show yourself the love, trust and value you deserve. Maybe you don't have everything hashed out or know exactly what your business will look like and that's okay, but let's chat about making it happen for you in 2017. Click here to book your free Discovery Call with me where we will chat about your goals and how I work with my clients to reach their dreams. 

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