+ How to connect to the guidance

Do you ever feel so "alone" on this journey, like you have no support? If you're a solo-preneur, it's really easy to have the "no-one supports me" record on replay and it feels like sh*t. 

I have some great news though! The Universe supports you and your inner guide supports you!! They've always been there, they might just be a little cloudy from the overwhelm, doubts, stress and bottle of Pinot Gris you pounded on the weekend to try and drown it all out.

Even when it feels like you're playing the guessing game in your life and your biz, you have the tools to tap in and be guided! 

Are you listening to the signs? Here's how...

Just ask!

I attended Gabby Bernstein's book signing for "The Universe has your Back" and there was a Q&A opportunity at the end. One women joking said that the only intimate relationship she's in is between her and the Universe. Gabby replied with something to the effect of "Even when you are in a serious relationship with a man your most intimate relationship should be with the Universe."

I also
interpret this as believing that your relationship with YOUR DESIRES needs to be #1. 

Just like a relationship, you need to let the Universe know all about your desires! Have a bubble bath with the Universe and tell him/her all about your biggest dreams! Have a glass of wine with the Universe and a notebook to open up about your feels! Say please and thank you, it goes a long way!

Ask for guidance, ask for answers, ask for miracles and you will get them...asking forces you to listen for it. 

Quiet the mind

So now you're besties with the Universe and it knows what you want and is ready to guide you towards it but you're too GD busy stressing out and worrying about what would happen if you never get the guidance and you totally miss the guidance!!!  

Good old meditation is the answer! Sit in meditation and ask for the answers. Sometimes a thought will come into your head right away that solves your problem. Remember, the inner guide is always available if you listen!

Still having trouble quieting the mind? Get out in nature to ground your root chakra. Sometimes there's way too much energy going on in the upper chakras due to the hurricane of repetitive thoughts constantly running through your head (or is that just me?)!

Bring the energy back to the root to centre yourself and quiet the mind!

Freehand journalling is another way to tune in! Put on your fav chill music, get a pen and notepad, get comfy and start writing. Set a times for 7 minutes and don't take the pen off of the paper until the buzzer goes off! 

Before you start writing you can ask the Universe or your inner guide to give you answers.

Pay attention to small signs too! Maybe you're seeing 11:11 everywhere, maybe it's 3:33. Each number sequence has a different meaning! 11:11 can mean a spiritual awakening and 3:33 can mean you're being protected and guided and to pay attention! 

Work through the obstacles with grace + gratitude

I'll be straight with you girl-friend, sometimes (often) it's not that cut and dry. You ask, you listen, and sometimes you feel like things are actually getting worse.

The guidance that you receive can come in the form of obstacles to show you what you need to work on before you can get the miracle you're asking for. 

I know, it kind of sucks, but it's also good because if you work on straightening out your sh*t now, you'll find it easier to manifest moving forward! It's spring cleaning for your inner drama!

Try to find the lesson in everything and be grateful for it, even when it makes your life a temporary hell! 

Get clear on your desires and dream big

This seriously should have been step 1 but I'm putting it at the end for dramatic effect!

GET-CLEAR! You can't just tell the Universe you want a million dollars. What does your life look like when you have a million dollars? Who are you helping? What does your home look like? Who are you with? Where are you vacationing?

Create a "Millionaire lifestyle" board on Pinterest or make a vision board. Every time you look at the images you're emitting the frequency into the Universe so it can be manifested!

With less than 2 months left in 2016, it's time to get majorly clear. There is still A LOT you can do in 2 months. DREAM BIG! 

Write a list of everything you want in the next 2 months so that you wake up Jan.01 and realize, holy shit, I killed it in 2016!

You can manifest a lot in a short time if you listen to the guidance! 

In 2 months I build my first business from the ground another 2 months I built my second business...2 months after launching my 2nd business I doubled my, just realized that's a lot of 2s, which means I'm on the right path and will continue to manifest good things! Woohooo!!

Now it's your turn!! Make the next 2 months your path to manifesting your desires!!