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Money blocks are the absolute worst but the amazing thing about them is that you are in FULL control over releasing them! 

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Money fear is the #1 thing that holds new entrepreneurs back from reaching the success they deserve! All of this stress and anxiety lives in your chakras and you carry that sh*t around with you and let it factor into your decisions!

Let's get really clear on what money blocks are...

Preface: What you need to know about money

Money is energy. The more positive juju you have with is, the more will come to you. If you let money stress you the eff out 24/7 you're not going to change your situation. 

Money Mindset 101

Your Money Mindset will determine how you spend it, save it and most importantly, how you think about it.

Think about when you were a little one and heard your parents talk about money. What was the mood in the house? Was it a stressful topic? Did you hear things like:

We can't afford it...
We don't have enough money for that...
Credit cards are bad news...
Money doesn't grow on trees (my Grandma's favorite)...
Don't spend your Birthday money on that Spice Girl's CD, you have to start saving (I bought the CD anyways, GIRL POWER)...

All of those poisonous one-liners have been forming your Money Mindset and by the time you are only 8 years old, the mindset has pretty much stuck!

Seriously, while you were still playing with Barbie (or if you were the little sister and forced to play with Skipper) you were soaking all of this negativity up! 

Do you catch yourself sounding like your mom a lot when it comes to money? That my friend, is the negative side of Money Mindset.

Our parents are a generation of hard frickin workers, and their parents grew up in the depression, WE LIVE IN A DIFFERENT WORLD where pretty much everything is possible (thank you interweb).

How to shake it off like T-Swift

In my FREE TRAINING (CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW), we're going over exactly how to re-wire your thinking and your chakra energy for financial freedom. 

We're tossing out your old beliefs about money and replacing them with new ones. These are the steps we'll take!

Getting clear: What is your Money Story and what are your beliefs about money? We'll go through the possible blocks that are keeping you stuck!

Clearing it out: We're going to get it all out, clear the space and more room for money to roll in!

Re-write + Manifest: We're making your new money story in a way that serves your desires and learning techniques on how to bring that cash in ASAP!

I used to let my lack of money be my excuse for not being successful, not having opportunities and not having the things I desired. 

If you feel this way I encourage you to take a stand with yourself and declare your worth!

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