+ Finally go for them

Mondays tend to have this "fresh start vibe" once you can look past your 2 day hangover and the tears you cried while getting ready for work...

Maybe your diet is starting today, you're on day 3 of sober October, or you've decided that this week is dedicated to going for your dreams. 

What's your biggest dream and what's holding you back from going for it?

My biggest dream was to have my own successful business (And I got it! Holla!) and it really did change everything. 

All of your emotions, energies and tendencies are stored in your 7 chakras and to reach your dreams you have to tap into all of them! Here's some tips on how!

Check in with yourself every effin' day

If you're committing to one thing this week, commit to some kind of daily practice that allows you to check in with how you're feeling and set some bad-ass intentions that will keep your vibes high.

Meditation and journalling check out as the best ways to connect to what's going on in the ol' body and soul and if you aren't checking in every day, it's really easy to get disconnected from from your dreams. 

Tap into the masculine, bottom chakras

Your root chakra is your direction and stability, your sacral chakra is your self worth and creativity and your solar plexus is your motivation and personal energy. If that's not a recipe for success then I don't know what is.

Guess what? All off those "powers" are inside YOU! 

The bottom chakras are the foundation that you need to tap into in order to get started. Focus on them for the first half of the week. 

Think about which of those energies need a lil' bit of work and start there! Here's an example of how to work that into your daily practice...

Let's say you want to work on your motivation in the solar plexus. In your meditation, think about how it feels to be super motivated and excited. Day-dream about what your life would look like, feel like and taste like! Pretty exciting isn't it? Those thoughts alone will raise your vibration towards manifesting that feeling.

Now, get a journal and write down 3 ways you'll keep a high and motivated vibration today. Take some time to write our your goals, take that first baby-step, or perhaps you're feeling ready to take a big leap today! 

Tap into the feminine, top chakras

Your throat chakra is your confidence and communication, your third eye chakra is your intuition and clarity and your crown chakra is your connection to your purpose and flow of the universe! The heart chakra is actually a hybrid of feminine and masculine energy and is all about giving and receiving. 

These feminine energies are all about connection to yourself, others, your dreams and the universe! How glorious is that?

It's time to manifest baby! In the second half of this week, focus on the top chakras and how connecting to them can get you to the first-class life. 

Let's use the throat chakra as an example. Communication is everything. In your journal write down 2 ways you can connect to your dreams with your communication. Even talking about your dreams can speak them into existence!

You can start small by posting something on social media that's inline with your dreams and your highest purpose, or really go for it and reach out to someone who can support you or give you guidance (you can CLICK HERE to book a discovery call with me if you are REALLY ready to go for your dreams).

Again, all of your chakras have a unique super-power and all you have to do is tap into it with your focus and a clear mind! 

Take advantage of everything available to you and keep pushing towards your dreams! You deserve them!

Sending love xo,