+ A story of some ironic things that proved it to me last week

Last week was maybe one of the most "spiritual" weeks of my life and resulted in me finally trusting my inner guidance and I want you to do the same. 

I've been posting so much lately about "Failure not being real" and to listen to the nudges of the Universe when something feels too forced. I was telling you ALL of that while I was sitting behind my lap-top, freaking the eff out about whether my e-course was going to reach enough people.

I am a bit of a control maven (the term control "freak" is just not cute) and I take pride in the positives of being super driven and hard-working, BUT focussing on all of the love I'm sending out with my course rather than worrying about how many people I'm going to be able to help would raise my vibration and allow for a better outcome.

Here are all of the ways I learned last week that we all need to trust the Universe a sh*t ton more than we do...

"You've got a lot going on up there."

That's what my concerned, reiki practitioner told me when she had her hands over my head. My mind was racing about my e-course/group program and I thought that was a good thing because I was letting ideas flow, BUT when boil it down, I was trying to control the outcome when I wasn't even sitting at my computer!

I thought that continuously thinking about it was a good thing but I was actually showing the Universe that I don't TRUST that it's going to work out and need to be latched to it mentally 24/7! That also explained my lack of sleep. 

The opposite of trust is fear and that's what I was leaning on, when I should be leaning on LOVE.

How you can implement change: If you find yourself stressing about an outcome, focus on your feet and your root chakra to bring yourself back to Earth and get out of your head. Focus on your steady feet as you walk, massage your feet, always have your feet touching the ground when you sit in a chair (I am notorious for sitting cross legged in my chair, even in restaurants).

To get the LOVE part in there, cross one of your feet over your lap and hold the bottom of your foot with the opposite hand, and place the other hand on your heart! Sending love to your root chakra make it your foundation!

"Your inner fire is to warm you, not burn you"

That's the name of the chapter I randomly flipped my book open to the very next day...

Every morning I read a chapter of "Raise Your Vibration," by Kyle Gray. I use it like oracle cards and randomly select a page and each one has a spiritual focus of the day. Of course, it was exactly what I needed! 

It was about taking a step back and trusting in divine timing. I had been rush, rush, rushing to get the course ready to launch but it needed a bit more time so I decided to take 2 days off to reflect. When you push too hard you're actually blocking the outcome you desire because again, you're coming from a place of fear rather than trust.

When I sat back down to work on my program SO MUCH AMAZING CONTENT came to me that I would not have included if I didn't slow down which ultimately resulting in me deciding to push the launch date back a week and I feel great about it!

How you can implement change: Check in with your Solar Plexus. For female entrepreneurs it's so common to have an over-active energy here that leads to burn out. What's making you feel less excited these days? Where can you breathe some space and take a step back? Trust in divine timing! PUSHING=BLOCKING! Let it flow!

"The Universe Has Your Back"

I'll admit it, I was never a huge Gabby Bernstein fan, not because of anything negative, I guess I just didn't take the time to listen to her much. I followed her on Insta and thought she was cool but that was about it.

When my lovely friend (and amazing coach) Sofie, from Hot Rich Love Your Life Bitch, asked me if I wanted to go see Gabby speak for her book tour, I decided sure, why not.

The event landed on the same day as my story above and HO-LY-SHIT! I was blown away. It was like she was speaking directly to me. I am officially a super-fan!

Her new book is called "The Universe Has Your Back" and although that seems like a standard spiritual concept, as she spoke that night it came through deep and clear as crystal. The Universe was CLEARLY wrapping up its huge message for me with a bang. 

She spoke about choosing love over fear (like I had learned the day before) and about trusting the outcome (which I learned that day) and her biggest message was to surrender the outcome to the Universe and trust the guidance!

The word surrender made me immediately feel relief AND I was already receiving the guidance all week!

It's not all up to you! You are supported! The guidance is there for you if you can calm your mind and your fears and listen for it!

How you can implement change:  It may feel weird, but sit on a chair with your feet touching the ground and palms up. Declare to yourself that you are giving up the control of the outcome and trusting that it will be for your greater good. Now hold your hands up as if you're offering up the outcome. You will immediately feel relief!

Now, ask for guidance to see your next step through love! 

I REALLY hope that all these lessons I learned last week can affect you positively in some way!

I would LOVE to hear from you so comment below!

xo Amber-Lee

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