+ A story of my many "failures" and how I turned them around

Wow, I got so much love and amazing feedback on the Facebook Live post I did on failure not being real...

Turns out WAY too many women think they're failing at life but I've got another, more luxurious way of looking at it. If you haven't watched the post you, check it out here (you have to be a member of the FB group, so sign up!)

If you think you're failing, the Universe is just nudging you in a different direction! 

Check into the physical and emotional cues that you're receiving and how they can guide you to what actually lights you up. 

If something feels forced, it's probably not exactly right for you

Do you saunter into Monday whistling and eager to get down to business or do you drag yourself to work only because you've used up all of your excuses?

You probs feel some physical sensations where you literally feel like you're dragging or being pushed down. That's the Universe's way of telling you to switch it up! 

You aren't lazy, you are experiencing resistance in your Solar Plexus because it's not in-line with you! 

My experience: Not only did I hate going into an office to a point where I physically felt ill, I also got some other signs. When I was working in the fashion industry I got laid off 3 times because the companies I was working for were going out of business. 

Although I was super passionate about fashion it was not my calling at that time. One day I hope to have my own clothing line and boutique but I don't feel pulled to do it right now because what I'm doing right now is so where I am meant to be!

Don't give up, just pivot

Ross really said it best...

The Universe never wants you to throw in the towel when you're going towards your purpose because PLAYING BIG is what you're here for girlfriend!  
If you KNOW that what you're currently doing is so not in line with your highest purpose then start by doing what lights you up and tuning into your desires.

Your desires are there to show you what you want!!

JUST START and then you can pick up on the guidance as you go.

Now back to those that ARE going for it and have not hit the sweet spot yet...It might be time to re-evaluate your desires. What do you want your days to look like? Who do you want to be working with and how can you connect with them?

My experience: I had to re-do my lead magnet offer 2x because I wasn't connecting on an authentic level that was the truest to my purpose. I tried to hide the chakra stuff from my biz because I was afraid people would think it was too woo-woo but that's what people NEED from me!

Once I opened up spiritually to my audience, my ideal clients started to pour in!

If you're trash talking yourself, you're keeping yourself stuck and fogging up the guidance within

You have to TRUST that new doors will open for you. If you spend your days telling yourself you're garbage, you aren't allowing yourself to step into your purpose! 

Your trash talk affects your self worth in your sacral chakra which clogs up the "gut feeling" in your solar plexus which needs to tell you what's best for you!

Treat today like an opportunity to be limitless and find new ways to be awesome! What feels right? What makes you feel good? Who do you admire and how can you be like them?

My experience: When I hired my coach and decided to go full force towards my desires there was no more room for negative self talk! I became board-line obsessed with my desires and talked about them like I already had them. Fill up with excitement and positive thoughts so there's no room for sh*tty ones!

I will say it again, YOU ARE MEANT TO PLAY BIG. The Universe wants you to go for your desires and sometimes it won't work out exactly as you planned but you have to START going for it and be open to adjusting as you go. 

Your story is unique to you and any failures you experience are lessons that you can share with over people to inspire them to keep going!

xo Amber-Lee

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