My MOST EFFECTIVE advice for the New Year: DECLUTTER

It's here baby! 2016!

This is my first post of the new year and it feels fan-frickin-fantastic!

It is funny how a new calendar can suddenly make you feel like you have been untangled from a giant knot (like the ones you get in your necklaces when you toss them in your yoga bag, most annoying thing ever). 

Although the same goals, desires and challenges are still among us, we have a CLEAN SLATE (and a pretty, new day-planner!). 

So how can you keep that fresh feeling going?

Are you ready for it??!


That's right folks. I am going to outline EVERYTHING that you can cluttered and I pinky promise you will have more energy and attract more of what you want. 

As you may know, I used to be a bit of hoarder, but NOT ANY MORE! As soon as I started making space for positive energy and new things, the universe returned the favor. 
Freshen up your work space and home: 

You have probably accumulated a bunch of crap over the holidays.Find a proper space for everything you are keeping, which may mean tossing something old. 

The more space you have around you the more positive energy can surround you! It's not just hocus-pocus.

Buy an inexpensive filing system for receipts, put up some shelves, get some flowers (all things I did this weekend, see photos!).

Cleanse your body:

I don't necessarily mean "have a shower", but if you haven't done that, I suggest a quick scrub :) 

What I mean is that it is time to get the egg-nog and turkey left overs out of your system so you have more energy to tackle that massive list of goals.

START SWEATING BABY! Once you get moving you are going to shake out a bunch of stale energy too. You know when a dog or cat  "shakes it off", they are actually cleansing energy from their systems from when they were scared or mad at something. We need to do the same!

Oh, and start eating clean. There are tons of resources out there for healthy eating. Just use Le Google and find what works for you. 

I like to think of it as "adding more healthy food to my diet", rather than "cutting out unhealthy food". The more nutritious things you can add, the less you will want to spring for that bag of BBQ Chips (my guilty pleasure). 

Craving salty? Have some carrots and hummus (just don't breath on people for a while).

Craving sweet? Have some celery with organic peanut butter (just don't eat the whole jar...I have to remind myself of that sometimes too).

Get fresh air and water: 

The two things that your body needs the most are water and air and at this time of year they are great forcleaning out old energy in your chakras. Even though it is FRICKIN FREEZING where I live, I take the time to step outside and take a few breaths. Stick your head out of window if you have to!

are also fun and smell amazing! Breath in some amazing essential oils that will also balance your chakras!! Check out if you are in Canada. 

As for water, you know what you need to do. Add mint of lemon to make it more exciting.

Clean out your inbox and your desktop:

With out fail, every time I do a massive clean out of my inbox, I end up getting an email that day with good news, or some kind of opportunity. Try it!

Also, you don't need a trillion short cuts on your desktop! I keep a folder called "delete" where I keep anything that I don't need to keep and periodically empty it out. 


The best way to clean our your mind is to spend some time in silence. Again, the

trick is not to see it as getting rid of your thoughts/stresses, you have to see it as a way to add some space and silence to your thoughts and they will eventually slow down

(If meditating was part of your new years resolutions and you need some help, email me!)

Overwhelm Detox:

We all have a sh*t ton of goals right now and it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed

You have got to get it all out! Have a venting session and then WRITE SH*T DOWN! You have to get it out of your head and onto paper. 

2016 is your for the taking! This time last year, I was in a completely different life and state of mind. Today, I have a business that I LOVE, a brand new condo (that I own with the love of my life), I am going to Costa Rica in 17 sleeps and am planning more exciting trips for the year, plus I have SO MANY amazing people that have come into my life. 

THIS ALL HAPPENED IN LESS THAN A YEAR! Whatever you are searching for is possible.

xo Amber-Lee

(PS: I am offering FREE 45 minute Overwhelm Detox calls where we can get clear on what is blocking you and make room for the new!)