Dig Deep to Step Up

Hey beautiful! 

The most important lesson I have learned this year is to dig deeper in everything I am doing.

Having a high level idea, desire or an over arching understanding is not enough. 

The context in which I have learned this is directly related to my business, but it is so relative in every aspect of my life.

An example: Teaching people about the high level concept of Chakra healing is not going to help them or connect with them. I need to target the specific
areas that they need help and tell them exactly how to fix it.

Since I have taken the "dig deeper" approach, I have been able to help people so much more and have attracted a bigger and bigger tribe. 

If you are ready to up level your life, dig deep. 

What are your pain points and how do you directly start fixing them? 

I decided to REALLY step up my game with my lifestyle and this is what I am doing...

I am stepping up my beauty game because I want to feel polished every day: 

This may sound more shallow than deep, but I have made this year all about being my hottest! I have purchased all new skin products and make up (very slowly) and commit to wearing make up at least 5 times/week because it just makes me feel polished! 

When I think of the woman I want to be, she is sleek and fabulous, so why not start living that part now?

I am also getting facials and micro needling on the regular by the amazing Amanda Hlatky at Glow Dermal Therapy(glowtherapy.ca). and my skin has never looked better!

I dug deeper by really outlining who I want to be and what I want to look like/dress/like/feel like/act like and started doing everything I can do now at my current state. 

You can make small changes to your routine slowly and once you realize the benefits of feeling your best, you will figure it out the rest (that rhymed!)!

I am stepping up my "working smarter" game because I want to enjoy every day without fear and anxiety:  

I want my lifestyle to be aligned with my desires. That does not include sitting in my office with a messy bun, for 18 hours, 
trying to remember if I ate lunch today or whether I showered.

That life is based on fear of not being successful and having to push, push, push rather than being in the flow. I have been there and it involved too much guilt, and not enough fun!

I dug deeper by thinking of what I love to do during the day and to really get a grip on how I am spending my time. I have given myself a set day for coffee dates, set days for social media marketing, and a set time every day to take a break and read, rather than reading at night, because night time is for snuggles (and American Idol just started..).

I do yoga during the day and don't let myself feel guilty for taking the time away from my desk.  

And again, I make time to beautify...

If travel is also a big part of your dream life, spend some time to plan future trips. Whether you push "book now" or not, get the energy flowing towards that dream vacation.

I am stepping up my "outreach" game because I want to be aligned with amazing women: 

I have stopped loitering around my ideas. If I want to reach out to an influencer or ask someone for help, I DO IT. I don't make excuses, I don't rehearse it in my head 100 times, I just do it. 

You have to embrace your vulnerability, people connect to that. 

I dug deeper by writing down the names of everyone that I want to be aligned with and a strategy and timeline to align myself with them. It does not mean I am going to be besties with Oprah tomorrow (although I am totally down if you are reading this, O), but the list is there, out in the universe, and I have a plan. 


What areas of your life are you trying to up-level and how can I help you dig deeper? Reply to this email and we will chat!

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