"Because you're worth it"

Hey beautiful! 

Christmas is over, my hangover is almost gone, and New Year's Eve is approaching. 

This is the first time in YEARS that I am opting to have a chill night on Dec.31, partly because I am going to Costa Rica in January but also because I just don't feel like putting forth the effort to find another Holiday outfit (I am so ready for summer clothes).

All that matters to me right now is 2016 and getting my goals started early (Oh and Netflix)! 

I based my goals around how I WANT TO FEEL, and then broke them out into measurable goals and action steps. 



I want to feel abundant, fun, balanced, giving, inspiring, organized, healthy and loving.

Every one of those "feelings" or "states of mind" require an investment IN MYSELF, my dreams and my ideas, whether it is a financial investment or just a time and energy thing.

"You need to spend money to make money" is not just a catchy saying! 

A major light bulb went off AGAIN when I realized that a key concept of BOTH of my businesses is that you need to put energy forth to get a certain outcome, whether is be via gemstones and meditation, or a coaching program.

If these realizations weren't a sign to share this info with you all then I don't know what is!

Let me break out some examples for you so you can implement the same type of goal setting!

Example 1

How I want to feel: I want to feel abundant

Action Plan: Set money aside for shopping every month and wear clothes that make me feel good. Go for quality over quantity and most importantly, always feel hot. I just refreshed some of my basics and it feels amazing..

Financial Commitment: $200/month

Energy/Time Commitment: I need to work on my Money Mindset. I know I can afford it but I need to make myself believe that I am the type of gal that can drop hundo bills without breaking a sweat. 

I will incorporate this mindset work every day for 10 minutes, by tapping, visualizations and budgeting.  

My financial goals are CRAY but I honestly believe I will reach them and am not selling myself short this year. 

Example 2

How I want to feel: I want to feel loving

Action Plan: Set aside 2 nights/week to spend time with my partner, and 1 night/week to spend time with my friends or family.

Financial Commitment: $200/month (let's be honest, there will be cocktails involved)

Time/Energy Commitment: Every Sunday I need to invest 1 hour into scheduling my entire week so that I can set aside this special time for my loved ones. 

Example 3

How I want to feel: Successful

Action Plan: I will throw 2 events

Financial Investment: I will continue working with my coach to keep me motivated and on track. 

Time/Energy Investment: I will set aside 2 hours/week to work on planning. It will be on the same day, at the same time, and no "excuse" can take it over.

If it is not in my calendar, it is not happening. Saying NO is going to be a big party of 2016 (goodbye FOMO and hello to JOMO, which is Joy of Missing Out). 

In Summation...

The most SUREFIRE way to reach you goals is to INVEST YOUR TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY into your goals, beliefs and desires.

Once you commit to that you can truely do anything! 

Be dedicated to yourself because if you don't think you are worth it, who else will? (I do though!)

xo Amber-Lee

PS: My coaching program prices will all be going up in early 2016! Now is the time to take the leap and believe in yourself!