Kathrin Zenkina, Manifest Money in 3 Steps + Get Out of Debt

On this episode of Charka Girl Radio we are going deep about MANIFESTING with Kathrin Zenkina, the founder of Manifestation Babe, personal development, mindset coaching, and success strategy brand for women who are hungry for more in life.  We're giving you all the juicy tips on how to get out of debt and how to manifest with Kathrin's 3 step money manifesting process, plus we're talking about how you can manifest while you orgasm, you read it right! I'm also sharing my biggest learning from a reason Shaman session, one of my fav places to buy crystals online, and I'm re-capping my LA trip including the best restaurants you need to try!

Find More Kathrin: 

Website: http://manifestationbabe.com

Instagram Handle: @manifestationbabe

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/manifestationbabe/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/manifestationbabesgroup/

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Rosie Acosta, Reinventing Yourself and Manifesting your Best Life

On this episode of Charka Girl Radio we are chatting with the one and only Rosie Acosta! She is  a yoga + meditation teacher, teacher trainer, life coach, podcast host and inspirational speaker. Her podcast is called Radically Loved and it's so good, def listen AFTER this episode…this is such a good one guys, Rosie is SO funny and just the best! We're talking about saging away the darkness (and ghost drama), changing the course of your life from bland to grand, how to play the role of who you want to be and manifesting a #yachtlife and connecting with your partner even when you feel crazy. I'm also sharing why celery juice is totally worth the hype and how I'm basically taking the workout to my face with my NuFace Facial Spa - you guys have to check it out! 

Find More Rosie: 

Website: http://www.radicallyloved.com

Instagram Handle: @rosieacosta

Facebook Group: https://tinyurl.com/yavhjs3v Radically Loved Tribe

Podcast: https://www.radicallyloved.com/podcast/

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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, Exploring Wellness, Healing and Clean Living

We're joined by the incredible, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy for a deep conversation on wellness, healing and clean living! We talk about living a life rooted in balance, expressing anger in a healthy way, the healing modalities Lauren used when dealing with trauma. I'm also sharing the best tips for vision planning success and the newest/cutest addition to my wine cabinet!

Find More Lauren:

Website: https://laurenscruggskennedy.com/

Instagram Handle: @laurenscruggs

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/laurenscruggskennedy

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Annabelle DeSisto, Crystals, Kardashians + Healing Depression

Today we’re joined by the HILARIOUS Annabelle DeSisto, Host of the podcast, Adderall and Compliments, and we’re sharing ALL things spiritual healing and humour. Get ready to literally LOL while going deep at the same time. We’re talking about Annabelle’s journey through depression to her podcast, how to really take advantage of the healing qualities of crystals and the power in being in charge of your own work.  Amber-Lee is sharing how she manifested her new designer bag and how you can do the same and how she's getting rid of the red cheeks that happen after too much red wine.

Find More Annabelle:

Website: https://www.adderallandcompliments.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annabelledesisto/

Podcast: https://www.adderallandcompliments.com/podcast/

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Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari, The New Age of Wellness

For this episode we're joined by the lovely ladies of That's So Retrograde, Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari! I've been listening to this podcast FOEVA and I'm so happy we can connect and share this awesome episode with all you chakra babes. We're talking about how their show was born out of curiosity, how to deal with controversy and conflicting opinions, the new age of wellness and our favourite wellness modalities! I'm also telling you how to love your solar plexus this holiday season to avoid over extending and how to be tanned AF sans sun!

Find More Elizabeth and Stephanie:

Website: http://www.thatssoretrograde.com/

Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/soretrograde/

Podcast: http://www.thatssoretrograde.com/blog/

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Alexandra Roxo, Let’s Talk About Divine Sex Baby

Today we're getting the chance to speak with the amazing Alexandra Roxo! She is a healer, writer, and expert in sex, love and spirit . She helps women tap into their radiant feminine energy! We're talking about how to embody your most radiant, feminine and powerful self, how to use your energy of sex and sexuality to get what you want, and tantric powers and spiritual sex. I'm also dishing all the deets on my latest lip injections, my latest root chakra tip and the must have candle for the holiday season!

Find More Alexandra:

Website: http://Alexandraroxo.com

Instagram Handle: @alexandraroxo

Facebook Page: Alexandra Roxo

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Justine Marjan, Hustling vs. Aligning Your Energy to be your Best Self

Today we're chatting with Justine Marjan, beauty influencer and celebrity hairstylist with a spiritual soul. She does hair for the Kardashians, Ashley Graham and all the hottest celebs! She's also just launched a line of hair accessories with crystals in them, hola! We're talking about hustling vs. aligning your energy, how to be a calming presence in stressful situations, not letting fear be an excuse and the energetic tricks to being the best at what you do! I'm also sharing my new reality show heaven and how to know what kind of psychic powers you have! 

Find more Justine here:

Website: http://justinemarjan.com

Instagram Handle: @justinemarjan

Facebook Page: facebook.com/justinemarjanhair

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Jessa Hinton Mom, Ex Playboy Bunny + Real AF Influencer

Today's episode with Jessa Hinton is all about how to overcome our limiting beliefs to create the life we want and deserve, while helping others along the way. We're talking with Jessa about her journey from Playboy Model to mega influencer, being a mom and becoming a foster parent while running a business, the realness of the LGBTQ struggles in today's world and the power of being real, goofy, sexy and not giving an F what anyone else thinks! I'm also telling you about the hilarious hate mail I got and how we can all spread more love. Plus I'm dishing on my fav hair accessories with crystals that you NEED in your life and a little challenge for you to up level your wellness.

Find more Jessa here:

Website: http://Jessafinds.com

Instagram Handle: @JessaHinton

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