Gala Darling, Making Feeling Good a Full Time Job

This week on Chakra Girl Radio I am crazy excited to be joined by the super sexy, modern mystic, author, speaker, teacher and so much more – Gala Darling! She is teaching women to love themselves, be more confident and make more exciting choices through the law of attraction. She wants us all to make feeling good our #1 priority - and she’s here to tell us how! 

We’re sharing with you:

+ How to change your life with tapping

+ Moving past your fears

+ The power of making aligned choices

+ Making your orgasms spiritual AF and tapping into their manifesting power

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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick, Energy, Action + Building an Empire

Today on Chakra Girl Radio I get to chat with my original podcast idol, the founder of The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick! Talk about a dream come true!

We go deep on this episode for you guys, talking about the energy and vibrational side of success and how Lauryn has built her empire. Lauryn and I are talking about:

+ Raising your vibe and your confidence when you’re not feeling motivated

+ Just “figuring it out” when things aren’t handed to you

+ How to tap into the feminine when you naturally have more of a masculine energy

+ Manifestation with Intention and Action

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Natalia Benson, Your Fall Astro Money Forecast

This episode of Chakra Girl Radio comes to you LIVE from the Dear Media Studio with our fav mystic mama, astrologer and tarot reader, Natalia Benson! This spiritual guru with serious style is joining us for her third time on Chakra Girl Radio. For all of you who know and love her like I do, this episode will not disappoint - And for those of you who are new to Natalia’s message and wisdom, trust me, you’ll be obsessed and want to check out her other episodes here

On this episode Natalia is sharing with us:

+ an Astro-Money-Forecast going into the Virgo season

+ How to get shit done by knowing your birth chart 

+ All the stay-sane tips we’ll be needing as we move into a fresh new season!

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Miriam Alden, Babes Supporting Babes

Today we're drinking mid-afternoon cocktails with Miriam Alden , Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of Brunette the Label. We're talking about Miriam’s her enviable fashion career plus:

+ Babes supporting babes

+ How to find balance between working hard and playing hard

+ And Miriam is sharing some of the words and morals she lives by that we all need to implement today!

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Grace Smith, Hypnosis and Re-Programming Your Mind

On this episode of Chakra Girl Radio we’re speaking with the magical, modern hypnotist, Grace Smith.  She is making hypnosis mainstream and super accessible, with an appwebsite and her unreal book (which was #1 on freakin Amazon!), Close Your Eyes, Get Free 

 Grace is on a mission to make hypnosis mainstream and let me tell you, after this episode I am officially all about it! 

You have to check out this episode to hear all the crazy hypnosis knowledge that Grace is sharing with us:  

+ We're talking about how it works and how you can do it for yourself  

+ Using hypnosis to cure everything from  

+ Re-programming your subconscious mind to rid yourself of past drama 

+ And guys, we are LITERALLY getting hypnotized by Grace, live on this episode, to increase our confidence! You do NOT want to miss this episode! 

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Heather Askinosie, Everything About Crystals

On today's episode of Chakra Girl Radio we’re speaking with the crystal goddess herself, Heather Askinosie. Heather is the leading influencer on the power of crystals and co-founder of the go-to home of crystal knowledge and resources, Energy Muse.

I have been stalking the Energy Muse's website since I started this journey. I love how Heather learns from all the ancient healers and then brings it to us in a way that is super accessible, no matter where you are in your crystal journey.

Heather is letting us in on her wealth of crystal knowledge and telling us all about:

+ The low down on the crystals you need to buy right now, whether you’re a newbie or expert

+ The detox bath recipe that will cleanse your energy and make you feel like an absolute goddess

+ Why contentment is the new black

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Kate Murphy, Living Pretty Naturally, on Chakra Girl Radio

Today we're talking about living Pretty from the inside out Kate Murphy founder of “Living Pretty, Naturally” an blog with all the resources about creating a beautiful life, which radiates from the inside,  focusing on both the internal and external components of beauty.

I just loved Kate and she's sharing so much with us:

+ The best natural beauty products for clean self-care

+ Vagina care and why it's so important to stop neglecting our lady bits

+ SO MANY DIY cures for everything to candida to a face mask you can make in your kitchen

So I am gearing up to head out of town for a wedding/high school reunion - should be interesting. I am kind of trying to be keto guys…And I might bite someones head off - actually no I might steal someones pasta.

I am miserable, I have bags under my eyes - but supposedly it gets better - the first couple days actually felt okay until it didn't feel okay

SO what am I doing to feel better - I am forcing myself to work out  a little bit, I am taking breaks, so necessary, I am meditating 2-3 times/day….and focussing on my heart chakra so I don't murder someone.

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Nicole Burron, Whimsical Fashion and My Big News, on Chakra Girl Radio

Nicole Burron, influencer and blogger at She's an expert in astrology, palmistry and style - I'm obsessed with her look…

+ She's sharing what Crystal to use to stop energetics attacks from haters

+ We're dishing about our spiritual take on this season of the bachelor

+ And she's sharing how she knows what wine to drink for each zodiac sign…

And so much more goodness! We really clicked guys...

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