Scotty Cunha Celeb Hair, Hair Trends + Rosé Drunk

Ok this is seriously the most fun episode of Chakra Girl Radio yet – you’re all in for a treat! We recorded live at Dear Media studio with celeb hairstylist, Scotty Cunyha! You get to hear us both get drunk off of Rosé and make you laugh with all of our hilarious material. 

Tune in to this episode to hear us chat about:

+ How Scotty went from Starbucks barista to Kardashian and celeb hair stylist

+ Current hair trends

+ How to stay high vibes while you’re working your ass off

Plus this is literally just the funniest convo and you’re gonna die laughing!

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Jessica Lanyadoo, How to be Psychic

On today's episode of Chakra Girl Radio we're chatting with the amazing, magical Jessica Lanyadoo! Are you ready for this guys - she's an Astrologer, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Writer, and Podcaster who helps people help themselves through the magic and wisdom of astrology. She's the resident astrologer for Girlboss, Hoodwitch, and Chatelaine, and she knows her shit. 

On this episode we’re talking about:

+ All the woo-woo mediums 

+ Where you can start to open up to psychic guidance 

+ How to telepathically talk to your pets

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Kiara Schwartz, Travel, Self-Care and the Law of Attraction

On this week’s episode of Chakra Girl Radio we get to chat with the lovely and darling Kiara Schwartz. She is blogger, Founder, Editor, Creative Director of ToBruck Ave – the destination for the spiritually curios traveler seeking a more sustainable lifestyle! 

We have so much to learn from Kiara! We’re chatting all about:

+ Coming out of the spiritual closet

+ The Law of Attraction

+ Travel + self care

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Alyson Charles, Confessions of a Rockstar Shaman

On this week’s episode of Chakra Girl Radio we have the Television Host, Speaker, Modern Mystic, Spiritual Teacher and the Rockstar Shaman herself, Alyson Charles. She’s sharing with us the ancient, sacred wisdom and divine energy to be a powerful catalyst for change! 

Shamanism is kind of my new fav thing and Alyson is sharing so much spiritual goodness from:

+ WTF is the new paradigm and how can we get ready for it

+ The sacredness of your existence and why you're super special baby

+ How to connect to source to find your value and your own wisdom. Because you’re smart too!

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Sahara Rose, Ayurveda for Modern Babes

On this episode of Chakra Girl Radio we get to hear from the best-selling Ayurveda author, host of Highest Self Podcast, motivational speaker and spiritual teacher, Sahara Rose. There is so much great info and takeaways in this episode, I can’t wait for us all to explore learn more about the super interesting  topic of Ayurveda and how it can help us feel better in body and mind! 

We’re sharing with you:

+ Doshas 101 and how to know what's not aligned

+ Eating right for your mind and body type 

+ How Ayurveda works with the chakra system

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Lindsay Mack, Queen of Tarot

This week we get to chat with the absolute Queen of Tarot – Lindsay Mack! She is an intuitive healer, holistic counselor, tarot reader and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. This is such a fun episode - I LOVE Lindsay and I’m sure you will too – she is sharing so many great takeaways in this episode!  

We’re talking about: 

+ All things Tarot – including Tarot 101 + meeting your spirit guides

+ How to connect with your inner guidance

+ The wheel of the year and where you should be focusing your energy this season for mega alignment

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Audrie Segura, Intuition, Mindfulness + Raising your Vibes

Today on Chakra Girl Radio we’re talking with the most beautiful soul, Audrie Segura. She is the LA it-girl, meditation expert, digital story teller, social media manager and influencer program creator for celebrity clients and influencers. 

We’re sharing with you:

+ How to use intuition and energetic connection to grow your social media following and enhance your life

+ The spiritual mindset shifts that supported Audrie through a really tough time 

+ So many good ways to make you feel more peaceful TODAY!

+ A LIVE breathing exercise to create calm, balance and inspired energy!

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