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root chakra

location: base of spine

key benefits: stability. fearlessness. balance. 

solving your #moderngirlproblems: eliminates any fears or insecurities and allows your fierceness to take on the world. you can kiss that self-doubt goodbye! reduces addictions so you can have a perfect work/boys/party balance. 

sacral chakra

location: a few inches below your belly button

key benefits: creativity. passion. sexual energy.

solving your #moderngirlproblems: balances overpowering emotions (PMS, moodiness) so your creativity can shine through. Clears away any self doubt, guilt or past experiences that you need to let go. makes you feel sexy as f**k.


solar plexus chakra

location: top of stomach (the lowest part of your bra)

key benefits: shining bright. positive energy. true self.

solving your #moderngirlproblems: makes you the most popular girl at the party. attracts even more positive energy to your positive energy. allows your originality and awesomeness to radiate off of you.



heart chakra

location: center of chest

key benefits: giving and receiving love, to and from others. self love.

solving your #moderngirlproblems: makes you appreciate the small things that make your heart glow. allows you to give love to those who deserve it and receive love from those you want it from the most (maybe even leo?).

throat chakra

location: neck

key benefits: calm and clear communications. leadership. honesty. 

solving your #moderngirlproblems: eliminates anxiety so you can speak clearly, calmly and honestly. connects your mind and body so you are more in-tune with your needs (ie. "take a break, girl!" or "that's enough tequila, girl!")

third eye chakra

location: center of head, between your eyes.

key benefits: self awareness.intuition. clarity of thoughts. 

solving your #moderngirlproblems: stops repetitive or jumbled thoughts so you can be clear on what you want and ready to pounce on it. provides clarity and heightens your intuition to make sound decisions. 


Crown chakra

location: crown of head

key benefits: openness. your best self. infinite possibilities.

solving your #moderngirlproblems: puts you on your path to building your empire. lets you know you are unstoppable. anything you put your energy towards can happen.

root chakra gemstones

smoky quartz: relieves fear, jealousy, anger  by transforming them into positive energy. 

ruby: increases wealth abundance, prosperity and leadership while bring a sense of adventure to its wearer.

garnet: provides clarity on your purpose and helps you reach personal and business goals. 

sacral chakra gemstones

hessonite garnet: the traveling stone for those passionate about adventure. It enhances creativity and self-expression.

carnelian: alleviates jealousy and possessiveness. helpful in overcoming sexual anxieties, negative experiences or guilt. 

orange moonstone: soothes worry and anxiety. increases passion and sensuality. reminds you of your own self worth.

solar plexus chakra gemstones

citrine: brings joyful and light energy to you while cleansing away negativity. gives you confidence to be your true self.

yellow quartz: alleviates any concern about what others think about you. enhances a clear and bright outlook on your goals.

yellow jade: increases happiness, joy and positive connections with others. detoxifies negative energy from the organs.

heart chakra gemstones

rose quartz: opens up the heart to give and receive love. promotes self-love and acceptance. aids in dealing with a loss.

pink opal: turns old negative patterns into new positive ones that work for you. brings joy and love back into your life.

green aventurine: promotes positive opportunities in love and abundance. soothes and diffuses heartache from the past so you can move forward.

throat chakra gemstones

amazonite: tames irrational thoughts and reminds you to always act with integrity. promotes honesty and truth. 

aquamarine: promotes emotional balance and removes negative energy from your internal thoughts.

labradorite: makes you clear on who you really are in your relationship with yourself and others. aids in deep, self-reflection.

third eye chakra gemstones

iolite: quiets the mind allowing you to relax and ease your racing thoughts. helps you focus on changing negative patterns.

lapis lazuli: heals inner anger issues and emotional turmoil to find inner peace and calmness. heightens intuition. 

sodalite: calms mind chatter to help sort out your thoughts. reduces headaches and vindictive thoughts.

crown chakra gemstones

tanzanite: connects energy to a higher vibration. allows the quieter sides of your personality to emerge, bringing balance.

white topaz: aids in manifestation and promotes abundance. sets you on an orderly path to reaching your goals. 

amethyst: transforms your dreams into action and reality. connects you to infinite possibilities to be your best self.