Chic things to do in Paris - My Full Paris Recap

My long awaited Paris recap is ready for you! I had six of my ICON clients meet me in Paris for a three day, live event of chakra activating, business planning, influence creation and wine drinking and it was nothing short of ICONIC!  

I want to share EVERYTHING with you about my trip so you can do Paris right. I’m telling you what we did, what to eat, what to do, what to wear and giving you the ultimate three day Paris itinerary for a glam AF trip!

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Revolve + LA Podcast Tour Re-Cap (+ BTS Photos!)

Guys…I had the most epic LA trip that comprised of some WILD manifested intentions. I attended a Revolve event, and I spent a full day interviewing amazing women at my new podcast studio with Dear Media!

Although your goals are prob not the same as mine, I want you to experience moments like this where you realize all your work paid off, that you're in flow with your desires, and that you can sit back and enjoy them without having to control the outcome. 

I'm giving you all the deets on how I prepared, manifested and enjoyed this monumental AF week in LA!

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Celebrity Chakra Analysis by Amber-Lee Lyons

Guys, I am all about celeb culture and getting a deep look into the lives of super successful people that live lux aF lives. I feel like one of the reasons we love certain celebs is that they represent a part of us, or an archetype we aspire to be, AND any flaws that they have make us feel more normal! 

I'm a bit of a weirdo and I love looking at celebs and analyzing what chakras are out of balance for them and I want to share some of my favs with you so you can see how you relate and can hopefully clear that shit up!

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The Best Crystals for Skincare, Beauty and your Chakras

Crystals are not just pretty to look at, they actually make ME even more pretty to look at because I use them in my daily beauty ritual!  Crystals emit energetic vibrations, and since we are all make of energy, they can literally change molecules and energy, both emotionally and physically. It's science guys! We use crystals to feel better, and I'm showing you how to use them to look better! Let's put our best, most crystal-y faces forward! Here's what you can do:

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How to Stay Motivated and Zen When Working From Home

Working from home has its perks; sleeping in, not having to wear un-comfortable office clothes, mid-day House Wives breaks. However, it's easy to get a little stir-crazy and chaotic when there's no separation between work and home.  

I've been full time in my biz for over 2 years now, holla, so I've really mastered how to stay proactively sane but also re-active when you have the unavoidable meltdowns that happen, usually during Mercury Retrograde, and/or PMS. Here are my best tips.

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My Daily Ritual when Traveling

As someone who’s traveling at least once per month, I can tell you there have been some hairy time on my trips when I don’t stick to some kind of morning routine or spiritual ritual.

Between the hangovers, not having all of my own stuff, and living out of a suitcase, I am very easily frazzled, especially since at home I take 2-3 hours to get centred AF before starting my day. BUT, who wants to waste that much vacay time when you could be checking out new hot-spots and day drinking?

I’ve gathered some of my best tips for you because I want you to have the best vacation ever with minimal melt-downs.  

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