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My 3 chakra secrets for success...

to stop feeling discouraged & finally attract the success & lifestyle you've worked so hard For

This is for the woman that's...

ready for abundance now, but feels BLOCKED, weighed down and AS IF you're waiting FOREVER FOR SUCCESS TO ROLL IN. 

Take some time for yourself, pour some champagne and listen to my free training + follow along in the workbook!

These secret tid-bits are the exact steps I took when I launched my business and I was able to say adios to my mundane, 9-5 job within 2 months by experiencing instant success!

I am literally sharing everything with you because I think lifting other women up lifts us all up! You work long frickin' hours and deserve some time for yourself, because your business cannot operate, serve others and make millions without YOU, your vibrancy and your chakra energy in flow.

Feeling discouraged, uncertain and imbalanced is NOT meant for you anymore.


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**Note: This recording is a few months old and the special offers have changed (and are better!). Scroll to the end of the page for your offers!**

A lil' about me + some free chakra love

My name is Amber-Lee Schneider and I'm beyond happy that you've stopped by!

I'm a first class lifestyle & business coach and a chakra & modern-meditation expert. 

I support aspiring and new entrepreneurs who feel like they aren't living up to their true potential to instead balance their energies to create a thriving business so that they feel confident, have that first class lifestyle and  live day in and day out in their purpose!

Just so you know, I went from constant stress, to zen and success!

Chakra balancing and meditation allowed me to create my dream life & biz and you can TOTALLY do the same.

Enjoy doing big things, you're meant for them.

xo Amber-Lee


PS: I'm majorly obssessed with modern-meditation so I want to give you a free guided meditation, a "how-to" audio, and the Ultimate Guide to Chakra Meditation, just cause. 

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I so appreciate you taking the step to learn more about chakras!

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If you're ready to:

+ Finally find financial freedom and live the luxurious life you deserve

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